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Campaign Capacity Building

The JFM Campaign operational/organisation team undertakes extensive training, capacity building, induction and orientation to new team members and JFM Chapters as part of an effort to ensure sound institutional (campaign) knowledge and to keep Chapters and the team’s skills relevant and current when it comes to JFM Campaign-specific information such as The Tshiamiso Trust Deed, Legal Reform, Building Effective Campaigns.

In 2020 the campaign adjusted its capacity building training programme to comply with COVID 19 restrictions on travel and public gatherings. This took the form of more online training workshops with Chapters as well shifting away from utilizing screenings of the film, Dying for Gold to focusing on on-line platforms for building public awareness of the issues at stake and support for campaign goals. This was done using content created for this purpose in the form of audio and visual clips, images and audio from Dying for Gold and the Breathe Films archive rather than the full length or impact versions of the film.

In 2021 – 2023 JFM’s capacity building training programme will undertake ongoing training to expand and update training activities that took place in the last two years.

This will take the form of:

• Formal Training : Online and face-to-face training workshops
• Capacity Building through sharing knowledge, information and experiences through discussions, meetings and networking both physical and online.

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