The Justice for Miners campaign will build a movement that will influence and lobby government institutions, mining houses, Tshiamiso Trust, TEBA and the Minerals Council  to do the work required to ensure fast and just compensation is paid to gold miners and their dependents affected by TB and Silicosis. The Justice for Miners campaign will also lobby and advocate for the required legal and policy reform to the compensation framework.

Our objectives


Influence the process of TB and silicosis compensation pay-outs by advocating for it to be inclusive, transparent, accountable and effective.


Assist and support affected former gold mine workers and their families to engage with Tshiamiso Trust, to claim compensation and hold mining companies to account.


Advocate for legal reform of the occupational disease compensation system in South Africa.


Over 500 000 ex-miners from across Southern Africa have given up their health and lives to mine the gold that built South Africa’s wealth. They are left suffering the devastating occupational illnesses of Silicosis and Tuberculosis, as the compensation system continues to fail them. The Justice For Miners Campaign fights for miners’ rights to compensation, and calls on all to join the fight!

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According to law, miners suffering these occupational lung diseases qualify for compensation from the South African state. But the state compensation systems are inefficient and dysfunctional and to date thousands of sick ex-miners are still waiting to receive compensation.

In the 2019 Silicosis out-of-court settlement, mining companies agreed to pay R5 Billion through the Tshiamiso Trust to miners who contracted silicosis & TB on the settling companies mines.

JFM calls for institutional reform and just administration in the speedy payment of just compensation by the South African state as well as the Tshiamiso Trust!


A documentary film about the real cost of gold. For over a century miners have given up their health and lives to dig the gold that built SA’s wealth. DYING FOR GOLD tells the story of how we have arrived at this extraordinary situation.

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Gold miners are dying of silicosis and TB while waiting for compensation, demand action
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